Our Vision

Real people following Jesus together.

We are made up of people from all walks of life, at various stages of spiritual growth. At any given time we may be wounded, healing, stumbling, victorious, broken, or joyful. But wherever we are individually, we set our hope upon a powerful God working in us as we walk in relationship with Him. We believe the church gathering together is an essential part of this process. Therefore just as the early church came together in small and large groups (Acts 2:42-47) we also seek to gather in similar ways so that we might encourage one another as we follow Jesus together. 


Small Groups

We see small groups as a foundational piece of discipleship and mission.  In these groups we learn together, serve together, sing together, pray together, get sent out together, play together, eat together, basically share life together as God works in us and through us. We dream of planting small groups throughout our community made up of people from all walks of life, following Jesus together.  

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Large Group

On Sundays these groups gather together to celebrate, worship, receive instruction from God's Word, and to be sent out.  Expect a sermon preached verse-by-verse from the Bible, modern worship style music, and a casual dress code.  

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