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Sep 2018 - Nov 2020

Verse by verse teaching through the book of Exodus.

Sermons in this series
God With Us
Sun, Nov 22, 2020
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1 hr 14 mins 51 secs
The culmination of the entire Exodus experience was for God to establish a relationship with Israel which foreshadows the relationship he will establish with humanity through Jesus.
Assessing The Tabernacle
Sun, Nov 15, 2020
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1 hr 29 mins 4 secs
Israel has faithfully worked to create the tabernacle and everything associated with it to the exact specifications God had given. How will their work be accepted and why does it matter for Christians today?
Sun, Nov 08, 2020
Hits: 17
44 mins 11 secs
This clothing was intricately designed intending to communicate a number of messages about God's ways and God's people.
Exploring God's Tabernacle Courtyard
Sun, Nov 01, 2020
Hits: 16
1 hr 27 mins 5 secs
Although God had redeemed the Israelites from slavery to Pharaoh, they were not able to e in close fellowship to Him due to their sin and unholiness. Today we explore the Wilderness Tabernacle Courtyard and find out the way God restores His people to Himself.
Inside the Tabernacle
Sun, Oct 25, 2020
Hits: 13
1 hr 53 mins 58 secs
The items in the tabernacle reveal a variety of ways God relates to His people.
God's Tabernacle
Sun, Oct 18, 2020
Hits: 16
1 hr 31 mins 7 secs
God is unfolding His grand plan through His tabernacle.
God's Building Project
Sun, Oct 11, 2020
Hits: 20
1 hr 54 mins 32 secs
As God builds His tabernacle we see insight into ways He builds His kingdom.
Give To The Mission
Sun, Sep 27, 2020
Hits: 28
37 mins 33 secs
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