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Sep 2018 - Sep 2020

Verse by verse teaching through the book of Exodus.

Sermons in this series
Sun, May 12, 2019
Hits: 70
56 mins 30 secs
Shortly after experiencing God's provision of water Israel now finds themselves hungry and unhappy. This moment reveals lessons for God's people when they find themselves also feeling hungry.
Sun, May 05, 2019
Hits: 275
50 mins 49 secs
After their liberation from Egypt, Israel finds themselves in a trial rather than a happily ever after ending.
Sun, Apr 28, 2019
Hits: 84
39 mins 50 secs
In response to their rescue, God's people overflow in praise!
Sun, Apr 07, 2019
Hits: 70
38 mins 18 secs
What lesson can be learned when there is nowhere to turn and life is in turmoil? Today's passage gives important truth for Christians today as we consider how God provides a way through the Red Sea.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019
Hits: 53
54 mins 25 secs
As Israel is rescued from Egypt, their path seems flawed, but God has a bigger plan.
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Hits: 65
43 mins 25 secs
Redemption of the Firstborn
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
Hits: 59
58 mins 6 secs
As Israel departs from Egypt, God gives final lessons concerning the Passover
Sun, Mar 03, 2019
Hits: 39
57 mins 43 secs
As Israel begins to leave Egypt, their journey is built upon the faithfulness of God's promise
Sun, Feb 24, 2019
Hits: 54
50 mins 4 secs
On the night of Israel's deliverance, they are given instruction to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened bread. Why did God insist on its celebration, and does it have any meaning for Christians today?
Sun, Feb 17, 2019
Hits: 46
46 mins 40 secs
The Passover is a plague of judgment and rescue in Moses day, yet also contains urgent truth for us today.

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