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May 2014 - Jul 2020

Messages that cover what the Bible teaches on a variety of topics.

Sermons in this series
Sun, May 29, 2016
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32 mins 18 secs
Greg shares a couple principles to ground a believer's life.
Sun, May 01, 2016
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The Bible speaks much about the spiritual value of hope, and yet when we look at circumstances around us, it is so easy to fall into hopelessness. Can real hope be found?
Reasons to Believe the Resurrection
Sun, Mar 27, 2016
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36 mins 47 secs
Christianity makes the bold claim that Jesus was crucified, dead, buried and three days later rose from the dead. Is this event something the Christian should accept by blind faith or are there logical reasons to believe?
Tags: Jeromy
Thu, Dec 24, 2015
Hits: 4
16 mins 4 secs
The 2015 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. Listen on...
Tags: Jeromy
Sun, Nov 15, 2015
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41 mins 43 secs
Paul speaks of perilous times to come and points Timothy to the Old Testament. We've been encouraged to read the Old Testament but at times it can be intimidating to read. In this message, we'll tackle tough derailing aspects of the Old Testament and encourage the believer to persevere until it all begins to make sense in God's grand salvation plan.
Sun, Sep 20, 2015
Hits: 30
36 mins 45 secs
Sabbath is a blessing hidden in plain sight in the Bible. Learn why it's good for us to take a day of rest.
Sun, Aug 23, 2015
Hits: 11
59 mins 20 secs
As far back as Abraham tithing appears in scripture, and was commanded under the law. Should Christ-followers likewise be tithing?
Sun, May 24, 2015
Hits: 8
44 mins 36 secs
In this message we'll explore knowledge of world events, knowledge of the Bible and we'll conclude with the most important knowledge of all! Listen on...
Sun, May 17, 2015
Hits: 9
43 mins 22 secs
KC unearths some often overlooked keys to happiness given by Jesus. Listen on...
Sun, Sep 21, 2014
Hits: 9
33 mins 18 secs
How do we get to know God? He tells us in the book of Romans that the things he has created testify of Him and yet He has described Himself as "the Word". The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We have in the Bible, God's chosen method of revealing Himself to mankind. In this message, hopefully you'll find some fresh new insights that challenge you to know God even more within the relationship that He has desired to have with each one of us since before the foundation of the world.Listen on...

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